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Categories: | Author: Matt O'Leary | Posted: 1/9/2009 | Views: 3505

 I don't want any readers out there (to the extent there are any) to think I am not hard at work. I have just added a whole new section on Vaccines and Autism, where I try to add a fresh perspective to the debate. I try to apply pure logic to the various arguments about vaccines and autism, to see if I can shed any light on the truth. Like most things I write, it is a pretty challenging read. I still have work to do on this section, but I am going to move on for the moment.

I have some new projects under way that should be posted soon. First, I am doing two papers on topics related to neural excitation imbalance in autism. One involves the paper published several months ago by Henry Markram et al, The Intense World Syndrome - An Alternative Hypothesis for Autism. You can find the paper here. The other paper involves the protein mTOR, an intracellular protein that is crucially involved in cell growth and reproduction, as well as neural signalling in the brain. It is intimately involved in both tuberous sclerosis and fragile x syndrome, two the most common genetic causes of autism. It is fascinating, at least to me.

My second project involves engaging in my own analysis of whether autism rates are actually increasing, or whether autism is just diagnosed more often today and has always existed at current levels. There are dozens of scientific papers on the matter, which I am in the process of reviewing. I think the application of logic to this question can unearth some perspectives that scientists necessarily miss because of the constraints of the scientific method. This is a crucial piece of the puzzle for my theory on autism - if autism rates are not actually increasing, then my whole theory probably comes crashing down in pieces.

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