My Theory - In Detail

Contained on this page, as promised and threatened, is my Theory of Autism, in full and potentially painful detail. Reading, or trying to read, it is not for the faint of heart. It is long, preachy, alternatively technical and colloquial, full of speculation, and likely full of inaccuracies. It won't be an easy read for anyone. It has the problem of not being directed at any particular population. It is too technical for the average reader, and too sloppy and non-technical for the scientist - the worst of all worlds.

That all being said, I really think it makes a fascinating case for what causes autism. You will have to judge it for yourself. If you get into the document and part becomes too difficult to read, skip onto the next section. Each section stands alone to a degree.

The document is contained in seven sections plus an introduction. You can download the entire document as a PDF from the module to the left. Or, you can click on each sub-page and read each section (also downloadable as PDFs) from each sub-page. I hope you are interested enough to give reading this a shot. Matt.


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