Bias Problems

Bias is a fundamental problem that humans face in trying to uncover the truth. People who don’t think they are biased often seem to be those who are in fact most biased. It is only when you are aware of your biases, or at least your potential for biases, that you can start to identify and control for these biases. And, if you don’t control for your biases, your ability to see the truth and identify the distortions in your beliefs is greatly diminished.

So, what does this have to do with logic, the stated subject of this section of my website? Bias is the source of many of the known problems with logic, including problems of validity like logical fallacies. The ability to engage in logic to a large degree requires the absence, or at least control, of bias. When bias is strong, it is hard to even spot logic when it gets in the way of a conclusion you desire to reach. Many of the logical problems described the above section ultimately stem from the problems of bias.

Different groups have different biases based upon their experience, their education, the pressures upon them, and other factors. In the autism world, you can break the participants into three groups who are subject to different biases: 1) the researchers / experts / professionals, 2) the parents, and 3) everyone else, the general public.


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